Wednesday, February 13, 2008

To Make You Think and to Make You Chuckle

But 1st the chuckle....

I dunno if that's photoshopped or what, so please don't go believing it's real cause it very well could be a fake. Nonetheless it made me chuckle. Then it made me wonder why the KKK would endorse a Black man over there own...(that's the thinking part)

**edit** I found this article: Nat'l KKK Reps Comment on Obama Candidacy so don't beleive the hype, KKK ain't left and they are most definitely watching

Then there's this:
Julian Bond calls for DNC to seat the Michigan and Florida Delegates

So Julian is coming to Hillary's aid now that Obama has been on a role. Don't you just love how our old civil rights leaders are just catering to Hillary big time? And here I thought we'd left the plantation. Now you have to ask why it was he wasn't so concerned earlier in the race when it seemed as though Hillary had the game on lock. Also, why would he request that those states be given their delegates when one of the two candidates (not including Edwards of course) didnt even have his name on the ballot because he was following his party's rules? Someone please tell Hillary she is NOT queen and this is an election, not a royal appointment. Shame on her and her supporters for underestimating the power of the American voters and the power of a democratic election.

That said...not all of our elders are kissing Hill's arse completely:
Sharpton calls on DNC to not seat MICHIGAN & FLORIDA Delegates

Kudos to Sharpton for that letter, I think it was honest and raised some very good points. You can't cry foul after the fact, that's just how it is. If Hillary would have beena head right now, we wouldn't be having this conversation, because I doubt that anyone would have spoken up for Obama in the way that Bond is for Hillary and anyone who would have would have been accused of being a whiner/sore loser. Why she decided to go against the reccommendations of her own party I don't know, but it says to me that Hillary is really not above breaking, bending, or ignoring the rules. If she won't even listen to her own political party, why should I believe that she'll listen to the American public? Sounds like someone has been taking notes from our current adminsitration...just my thoughts.

That is all for today...I'm going to continue to gloat in Obama's recent successes.