Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Hold it Right There Sister

"Last weekend, a YouTube video emerged of televangelist Juanita Bynum asking her partners to sow an emergency seed -- any seed you can sow: $300, $500, $1,000 -- because she has been led by God to a new "threshing floor."

The new property, 30 acres of land with 12 acres of lakefront, will be used for the new Juanita Bynum Ministry. The property costs approximately $200,000. (more here)"

You’ve got to be kidding me. Seriously…God told you you needed a $200,000 threshing floor? While I think it very sad and unfortunate that Sista Bynum is going through so much turbulence in her life right now, I don’t think that asking the public to ‘sow a seed’ of 20 g’s is going to place her in a better spiritual and emotional state. What people need to do is to sow a seed of prayer and love for this hurting woman and her husband – both of whom are obviously troubled.

Televangelists, false prophets…slay me. I’m sorry, I don’t see how a $200,000 room will help you get any closer to God. I know Paul and the other disciples got closer to God in their rags and in jail cells than they would have in palaces with fine silks and linens. This exploitation of folks and their money in the sake of religion needs to be stopped and this woman should really be ashamed of herself. What makes this even worse though, is that I can just feel that somehow someway people will chip in their money so that she can get this room. What about sending that $200,000 to Africa to help with AIDS relief? Or down to New Orleans to help those who are still struggling to get their lives back on track?

What is it about the nature of man and God that has made us so blind to reason and rationale in the sake of ‘faith’? It really makes me wonder if we really know our Creator at all. I can’t propose that I do, but I just feel in my own spirit that the lengths to which people will allow themselves to be manipulated and duped by those claiming to be messengers of the Most High bespeaks of some kind of emptiness in their own lives.

I believe that God speaks to us in many ways and while He/She might instruct us to do many things…somehow…this just doesn’t feel right to me. We need to wake up out of this paralyzed state we’re in and stop trying to make God the reason for our less-than-godly actions and desires.


Monday, September 24, 2007

Been A Long Time

yea...yea i bad. things have been a littlebusy around here, with my little sis moving down here to attend college. it's lovely to have fam in the area, and ive been doin the big sis thing and makin sure she's settled and taken care of.

that being've been on my mind. my blog...and those who read it...i know i havent been the best lately at keeping things current, but on top of being busy i fell into another quiet spell. hate it when that happens, but the mind needs time to process new info, and hell...sometiems i just wanna be quiet.

im not thinknin of keepin a video blog in addition to my blog here, and so you can always go and subscribe to mzkre8tivity over on youtube or keep reading here (ill be posting vids here too). my 1st 'episode' is about the Jena 6 'movement'/peaceful demonstration in DC. i couldnt make it to Jena, but the NAACP arranged for somethinin DC as well. wasnt what i expected, and so here's the 1st part of the video:

go to my user account on youtube to view the other two parts.

Many Blessin's