Monday, September 24, 2007

Been A Long Time

yea...yea i bad. things have been a littlebusy around here, with my little sis moving down here to attend college. it's lovely to have fam in the area, and ive been doin the big sis thing and makin sure she's settled and taken care of.

that being've been on my mind. my blog...and those who read it...i know i havent been the best lately at keeping things current, but on top of being busy i fell into another quiet spell. hate it when that happens, but the mind needs time to process new info, and hell...sometiems i just wanna be quiet.

im not thinknin of keepin a video blog in addition to my blog here, and so you can always go and subscribe to mzkre8tivity over on youtube or keep reading here (ill be posting vids here too). my 1st 'episode' is about the Jena 6 'movement'/peaceful demonstration in DC. i couldnt make it to Jena, but the NAACP arranged for somethinin DC as well. wasnt what i expected, and so here's the 1st part of the video:

go to my user account on youtube to view the other two parts.

Many Blessin's

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