Saturday, November 22, 2008

No...I haven't disappeared again

been busy...but really what else is new?

my birthday was last thursday (november 20th baby!), and i am now officially 25 years old! it feels great. :D i keep hearing friends joke about me getting old...and well, yea i am. :) beats the alternative (that would be, dying). 25 is feeling good to me. no quarter century crisis (i think i went through that several months ago, lol), and i feel like ive got a plan for my career and im good to go!

ok, i was gonna stay and write some more, but i think ill go hang with my mom instead (she's here for thanksgiving :D)


Wednesday, November 05, 2008

November 6th

This was a note that was passed along to response to it will follow.

I can not wait for November 6th. Now there are many reasons for my anticipation for this date but the main reason is that I will be able to sign onto facebook without being flooded by a wave of Pro-Obama rhetoric. I hate logging on and seeing people do stuff just because its popular. Okay I get it, you like Senator Barry Obama and and want to tell the world about it but everyday its the same and so loves Michelle Obama, Joe Joe joined the group Latinos for Obama, Susie Q joins Hockey Moms against Palin, I voted early for Obama and I rock...Really???

Now I'll admit I am a Hillary turned Obama supporter. I gave my support to this man for several reasons...1) McCain voted against making MLK Day a holiday in Arizona 2) I feel that Obama will make a better president for the nation as a whole. I'll be alright in 4 yrs regardless who wins, but I want to know that 19 yrs old single mom will be able to feed her kid. The last reason is because he's Black and I was told that in the NC Primary 98% of the Black folks who voted in NC voted for Obama. So that makes me part of the 2% that didn't and that is very, very sad. So even though I through my support behind Barry O I didn't go get drunk on that Obama kool-aid like the rest of you running around thinking that he can do no wrong and that he is anything but another politician.

I'm just gonna put it out there...Obama is a opportunist that was able to cross the racial divide and do something that has never been done in a political campaign. But that doesn't mean he didn't renege on promises, he hasn't used people and kicked them to the curb, and that he didn't smoke crack. I really hope he wins and that all of these modern day abolitionist can convince their buddies to vote Black, but I'm a little skeptical. Plus how much power does the president really have?

Is he gonna make that boy do his homework so that he can find a job and grow to be a man. Will he put a condom on your dick so that you will stop bringing babies into unstable/unhealthy situations. Will he bridge the racial divide. Will he stop me from writing crazy notes. I don't think so, so I hope on November 6th you take sometime to look and the mirror and ask yourself what you are gonna change, because if we don't change then all it boils down to is the same shit, different toliet.

PS. This note is not targeted to the people who are sincere and their efforts. Shout out to those who are making phone calls, going door to door canvasing and are true and their efforts. Big ups to Ivory, Special K, Angela Di, and Faisal. All you other clowns who are joining groups and putting up new status updates with out any real substance should cute it out.

Don't Vote For Change, Make A Change...This Message Is Coming From A True Maverick


My thing is this...

It isn't the man, but what the man represents that is so monumental. I think the recent economic crisis in conjunction with the wars abroad and the disdain for the Bush Administration magnified the dismal state of the US. It was as though the past 8 years were very dark and dismal, and Barack symbolizes that hope. He in and of himself will not change this nation, but it is the people like you and I who can make things happen.

Conversations like that one make me shake my head. Because, while I hear what they are saying, I wonder if they realize the possibilities. This is a slow nation, and we are a slow...very slow to act people. The fact that Obama and his people managed to get everyone up and energized about voting, got people engaged in politics, and brought politics to us is huge. It hasn't been done before. You have people who never gave a rat's tail about politics now engaged and energized about it.

What is wrong with being energized? Having some hope and being optimistic? Why is it so wrong for once to have some kind of pride? Some kind of nationalism that doesn't involve us oppressing or killing others just to remind ourselves just how great of a nation this is?

I understand progressive thought and admittedly, Obama is not progressive, lol. He never was and I don't expect him to be. What I am hoping, and what folks like those who are inclined to think like those in that email need to do is to channel that excitement and energy into progressive works. Why not take those same folks who are so hyped up about Obama and change and say to them...'hey, well why don't we work on this project or that cause? What can we do to continue this feeling of change?'

I know folks want to look to the past, don't want to have hopes or dreams...and some just cant stand to see others happy. But my thing is, if given the chance to change the world, why not try and run with it? Regardless of who is at the steering wheel and the reasons that folks are energized. The point is that people are energized and we shouldn't let that energy just go to waste or even shrug it off with our cynicism and snobbery.

What are your thoughts?

The Day After

Americans…last night we did something amazing. We made history. And I am SO proud and humbled to be here in this day and time. So thankful for those who came before us and blazed a trail. So proud to be an American.

Last night, my countrymen and women spoke…we spoke loudly…and we said the time is now…change begins today. We spoke for fairness, for peace, for honesty, and for the chance to remind ourselves and the rest of the world that we are UNITED. That we are still a mighty country and that from the biggest to the smallest, the old to the young, the rich to the poor, we are together…we are ready to go to work…to turn ourselves around towards a brighter future for our children. Last night we elected Barack Hussein Obama the 44th President of these United States of America.

I couldn’t be prouder of my country, my home.

We spoke…together. We took action…we were informed and passionate. This… our moment. Now is our time. I believe that with this election we have set a new precedent for the course of this country. I hope that as the days, months, weeks, and years pour on that we do not lose sight of the very important lesson learned in this election…

United, under one cause…moving towards one common goal…looking past our differences and acting…acting together, we can achieve much.

To my generation, to my peers, the Gen Y/Millennials…I say that this is our time. We have chosen a President to represent that which we believe in – service to mankind, integrity, and grace. We must capitalize on this most awesome of occasions and let the world know that we are here. It is our time to take the lead, and it can be done and shall be done as we look at others with the realization that we are all citizens of this great nation and hold a great responsibility to one another, to this nation, and to the rest of the world to work towards a goal greater than ourselves.

Today I am inspired.

Today I am hopeful more than ever before.

Today I know and see that anything is possible.

Today I am a part of history.

Today I am a part of the future.

Today I feel as though I am at one with my countrymen.

Today I feel the promise of America being realized.

Today I am proud to be an American.

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Don't Squander What Others Fought & Died For

Get out and VOTE TODAY!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

The Quarter Life Crisis

well maybe it's not a crisis...more like an irritatingly nagging concern about the fact that i'm going to be 25 in less than a month. it's the all too uncomfortable realization that, in spite of my declaring to be a Toy R Us kid forever, that i have to grow up. it's the thoughts that i try my hardest to push aside on my morning ride into work about where i would like to be in the next 5 years. it's planning for a future that isnt promised, isnt certain, and is subjective to a variety of known and unknown variable.

um...this sucks.

not that im depressed about it or anything...i'm glad ive made it this far and i figure i can only keep going up *crosses fingers and spins around 3 times* but it seems like, for me, this is a point in my life where i have to think critically about what i want to do with my life. im not thinking 10 years no, that's too hard...i'll just think ahead 5 and take it from there.

and as uncertain things seem to be at times, ive got to say that i feel ok knowing that ive got some semblance of a plan. that from working my way backwards from my goals...i can see what steps i might need to take to get me where i want to be. so im not afraid of my future at all, but the fact that im the one responsible for myself and my own personal growth has given me somethings to consider.

i know i need to go back to school. do i want to go back to school? eh, not particularly, just because it's so expensive, but i do welcome the chance to learn new things and interact with other bright minds. i'll be trying to get my mind geared towards GRE prep so that i'll be ready for it come next year. i need to get myself back into that college way of thinking....the standardized tests, the personal statement, the fasfa, the loans (ugh...the loans). ive been outta school going on 3 years now, and i can see why folks who tell you to finish up your schooling while you're still young...because once you get out into the 'world' and are working full time and are carving out some kind of a social life for yourself the idea of school, books, tests, studying...yea, not too appealing.

but i will conquer.

of course the yearnings for the stable relationship are present as i figure i'll want to start a family within the next decade or so. but...lack of prospects and a rather short tolerance for nonsense on my part has continued to push those yearnings down, down, down, lol.

i dont plan on moving from the area anytime soon...i actually like northern VA...if i were to move anywhere out of VA, it would have to be somewhere further south, and i know im not even ready to begin realistically thinking about doing that. so for now i will continue to daydream about my summer home by a nice lil river down in Savannah.

career...well i know i want to stay in the non-profit world. (YES!) but i dont want to take graphic design on least i dont want to work for anyone else - i like freelancing and would like to see my freelancing business expand in the years to come. but when it comes to the 9-5, i think the non-profit sector is where i'll be. love to have a job with flexible hours...where i'm not always behind a desk staring at a computer screen...something where life and work can come together as one, but id still be able to leave my work at work at the end of the day. i dont want to be a slave to the workforce. i want to have some kind of creative and academic freedom to just do whatever it is i'm doing, knowing that the work is fullfilling, doing some kind of good for a cause larger than myself, and pays me well (hey, i can dream)

so in a nutshell thats a glimpse into some of the things going on in my head as of late. i wont even begin to talk about my musings on religion. might have to save that post for another day.


Monday, October 27, 2008

It's just too damn sad

I'd been following up with the events surrounding Jennifer Hudson's family...

For those who don't know, read up on it here. I just can't even rehash's just too much.

I just don't understand...why? Why do people just treat each other so recklessly? Why take someone else's life? It just isnt right...and i can only imagine what the Hudson family is going through right now.

For those who pray, send up some prayers for this family. For those who don't pray, just send out some positive thoughts or something to the family. They are in definite need of it right now.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Are you there Jah? It's me Ras-Trent...

usually i dont watch just hasnt been funny to me in years, but when Tina Fey broke out the Sarah Palin impersonations snl got my attention once again. in last night's episode i found a little gem of a skit about a Rasta Man...Ras-Trent. i havent stopped laughing...seriously...skiddley whoooaaaa ;)

Can i just favorite part occurs when the countdown reads about 0:25...let's keep it real Ras-Trent...lmao


Wednesday, October 22, 2008

It’s the small things…

Well loves, I liked that post the other day so much I decided to write another one about my forays into the fashion realm.

So today, I felt like channeling the masculine. For ages women have been putting our own personal touch on otherwise masculine pieces of clothing and I’ve always admired it. There’s just something classy and tough about a nicely pulled together outfit with some masculine touches. You get the best of both worlds really.


*again...that pile of, forgive me y'all

Now, let me just say….I LOVE my shoes…those shoes…have you ever gone shopping and seen something that just SCREAMS out to you? Well that’s what those shoes did for me. I’m telling you, they were just sitting on the shelf WAITING for me to walk by. We were meant to be. Oh and you see the trouser socks? I know you love the trouser socks…because I surely do!

For today’s color scheme, we left it a little subdued with the black and gray, but that blue top is so electric that it provides a nice contrast to the winter tones and really makes the outfit pop I think. I’m usually not one to wear a lot of blue, but lately I’ve had this thing for bright, vibrant, fun blues. Naturally when I saw this shirt online ( I knew that it needed to make a home in my closet.

I might be a bit of an impulse buyer, but at least I’m a fierce, albeit economically thrifty one. ;)

Then there’s the tie…oh how I love ties on women – it’s so bad ass. This tie I’ve had for quite awhile now; it was my first, a simple black tie. I’d love to expand and really get into some more colorful ties, but I find that – as much as I love to wear ties – I just haven’t been including that look into my styles lately. But every now and then…. :D

So now the run down…

*More Colors Available*" type="hidden">Bedford Cord Shirt in Caribbean ($16.88) -

Trouser Socks ($2.99 for a pack of 3) - AJ Wright

Shoes ($16) - Ross

Tie ($10)

Gray Sweater Vest ($15) - Old Navy

Perfect Fit Pants ($20) - Ashley Stewart

Total Cost of Outfit: $80.87

Though the economy is suffering right now, your wardrobe doesn’t have to. ;)



Monday, October 20, 2008

The Busy Bee Must Still Look Fabulous

I have been beyond busy lately…between work, my design gig, trying to paint again, thinking about my future/grad school…um yea, busy. Quite. And admittedly, a little down. But you know how we cure that?


Ok, I like to dress well, so sue me. But I DON’T like spending a ton of $$ while doing so. So this busy lil bee has recently purchased some lovely goodies that are sure to make any drearily chilly day seem to shine and sparkle all on it’s own.


*ignore the box of clothing...i need to take them to Goodwill

Now I’m rather wary of the sheath dresses…I love them on others, but I know I’ve got hips and thighs that are MIGHTY MIGHTY, lol. But I took a chance and ordered it online from Old Navy and lo and behold…it worked out ok! A tip to anyone buying a sheath dress without trying it on first…order it in a size larger than what you normally wear, just to account for the way the garment fits.

Gray seems to be the color of the season, but I’ve noticed within the past week I’ve been doing quite a nice amount of black and gray…I mean that’s great, but I’m all about colors now. So I decided to lively it up a bit with this season’s other hot color, and a growing fave of mine…Purple. I thought the button down shirt underneath was a nice touch (the shirt was also courtesy of Old Navy) in addition to the plum colored tights (for $5! thanks Avenue!). The boots…oh how I love ankle boots. Why? Because I have calves that could kill and most calf boots don’t fit, but an ankle boot…why that is the fun of the boot without the agony of suffocating my legs, lol.

All in all I think it was a nice look…sadly I forgot to take a picture of the purse, but it too was fierce as it was a kind of color block in several shades of purple. You’ll just have to take my word on that one.

All in all…I think the entire outfit (shoes too) cost under $100 (not including the pearl necklace – that was a gift from Daddy :D) And who says you can’t be fabulous…WHILE on a budget AND trying to save the world? Pfft, it is most certainly possible!


Wednesday, October 15, 2008

...Till You Drop

I'm exhausted...but really, the question these days seems to be...'When am i not exhausted??' The answer? Um...when I'm sleeping, lol.

I've been going full steam ahead these past couple of months and i don't see an end in sight. Over the weekend me and a friend did our part and put a gang of money back into the economy...that's right - we went shopping, lol. And oh how wonderful it was! I got my fall coat *woot* and some additional fall/winter pieces to replace the items i've purged from my closet to donate to charity.

But onto more important matters...tonight's the night, the last Presidential Debate before elections. Admittedly, i was disappointed/frustrated at the last debate as i saw both candidates dance around the issues presented to them. I can only hope that tonight they do better than that. I haven't watched so much CNN in my LIFE as i have over the past few months. Granted, it feels good to be able to follow what's going on, but sheeeesh i want this thing to be over...and for President Obama to get to work ;)

Speaking of work...i've gotta get back to's busy time 'round the office. :)


Friday, October 10, 2008

Nothing to Leave Behind

My mother said something to me the other day and it kind of made me sad. We were having one of our normal discussions, and I'd asked her if she had a will. Now, my reasons for this was because I'd been doing a nice bit of reading on planning out one's financial future, and naturally the topic of wills and trusts was discussed in my readings. Wanting to make sure that my most loved of all loved ones was taking care of things, I mentioned it to her casually and of course she had one. I began to share a lil bit more about the things I was reading, about revocable trusts and how that might help to keep a deceased person's property from going into probate (meaning, to the court where the intheriters have to pay a fee on whatever it is they're supposed to inherit), when she interrupted me saying.."I don't have anything"

So simple a statement. So honest. And it just hit me and hurt. Not because it meant I wouldn't inherit anything, but because here is a woman who worked hard all her life, very smart, very kind, and very dedicated to her family, especially her children, but it was just a jolt to realize that someone so deserving of having something of her own, did not. She has a legacy all her own, whether or not she knows it, my mom has made a huge impression upon me. I am a better person, a better woman, for having her as a mother. I literally owe her my life. 

But I digres...Planning ahead, thinking about longevity, is admittedly not high up on the priority list for a lot of working class families. When your kids need clothes or food to eat today, it is very hard to think about how to prepare for their tomorrow. I know wealth and money mean very little in the grand scheme of life. The lack of or the abundance of money says nothing about a person's character nor their integrity...Yet we still pursue making as much money as we can for whatever reason that drives us. It can be of use to us when we might need to make a purchase or pay for a necessary service...and though the economy seems bad now, it can help us to plan for a retirement from the workforce that won't leave us completely destitute. I mean, social security can only do but so much. 

i love my mom, and she's taught me a lot. that night more than any other before it, the importance of thinking ahead, of saving for one's future hit home - and hard. 


Understanding the Economy

I came across a post on The Black Informant's blog that gave some pretty good links about understanding what's going on with the economy right now. I know everyon's head is surely swimming right now trying to grasp everything, but here are some of the links provided to help us understand things a little better:

Hope those are helpful to you.


A Wiser Shopper

Happy Friday everyone! I'm looking forward to this three day weekend - how about you? 

I'm especially looking forward to the Columbus Day sales as I'm currently in the hunt for a fall coat. Usually I'm the kinda girl that will wear a favorite item until it falls to pieces...and then try to piece it back together if I really love the item. But alas, I'm getting too old for the unintentional patchwork items, lol, and i'm learning to let go. 

Right now I'm on the hunt for a particular looking coat. Dressy enough, but casual in it's own right...preferably something not black, I'd like to add a little pizzazz to the outwear this season. In my efforts to remain fiscally responsible, but not sacrifice quality for the sake of a bargain, my search has lead me to JC Penney. I've gotta say...JC Penney really delivers when it comes to the quality pieces at decent prices. Check our some of these beauties that have caught my eye...

Double Breasted A-Line Wool Walker ($139)

Worthington® Wool-blend Coat ($159)

Hooded Wool-blend Swing Coat ($129)

Worthington® Belted Wool-blend Walker ($159) [this is my fave!]

With the economy not looking too great it seems like everyone is concerned about how much worse things can get. Money is tight for most of us right now, but unfortunately there are certain purchases that need to be made - like a decent coat for myself so that I won't freeze my butt off waiting for the bus everyday. I've tried to do my best these past couple of months to really cut down on the wasteful spending and get the most out of my money. Seems like I'm shopping less, looking for sales more, buying items that I absolutely need to have, and keeping track of every penny. It helps me be a better steward of the cash I do get, and makes me feel a little more secure in my own financial situation as the stock markets continue to plummet. 

What are some things you're doing to cope in these times of financial hardship?


Thursday, October 09, 2008

The Re-emergence...Some Thoughts on Finances

Have I really not posted since February? Goodness…

Well, what has been occurring in my personal life…working my tail off at my 9-5, got my own little slice of heaven in my freelance design business ( – check me out), and general do-gooding.

I think I stopped writing, not because I didn’t have anything to say, but because I was and still am, more interested in living the moment than talking about it. But there has been plenty to talk about these days, as I’m sure you’re aware.

So let’s have a chat, shall we? And by chat, I really mean monologue, but that’s ok – I’m sure you don’t mind.

The current situation with the Global market has got everyone very worried about their fiscal future. Am I worried? Hm…not as much, because I’m still relatively young and don’t plan on retiring any time soon, nor do I have any investments tied up in the market. So, no I’m not panicked. I AM however, disappointed at the way the American government is mishandling this entire ordeal. I know it isn’t helpful to harp on the past, but truly I think we had this one coming. I don’t see how people could have missed this. Banks making shoddy loans to folks who they knew couldn’t afford the payments once the interest rates kicked in…Predatory lending gone amuck…what did they expect to happen? The greed that this country engages in on the daily is appalling and I think it is coming back to bite us in the ass…and HARD.

What really sucks is the fact that those who are suffering the most are those who have the most to lose. Your typical American homeowner who just wanted to live out the “American Dream” and have a chance to have a place of their own…those folks are in turmoil right now as their homes go into foreclosure in a market that is as volatile as ever. These people are losing their homes and probably a lot of money as well. But the government isn’t thinking as much about those people…it’s the banks and the investment firms that are getting the bailout. Even after a $700 Billion dollar bailout plan banks are still hesitant to give out loans. Well what does that mean? In essence that we just fronted almost a Trillion dollars to save these financial institutions, only to find that they still are no better off. Thanks. My children’s children’s children will be paying off this debt. Debt accumulated from greed and avarice.

I don’t know what this means for the market in the long run, but you can bet that my eyes and ears are wide open looking for news about this. It seems that if banks continue to freeze credit, the average person like you and me can’t do basic things…like buy a car, apply for a credit card or an expansion of one’s credit (as banks are now lowering people’s credit limits), or even apply for a loan to go to college. For businesses it means that it will be harder for them to finance their businesses and keep them afloat. Production will more than likely be down as there is less money to go around to fund the labor. People will continue to get laid off as companies run out of money and can no longer afford to pay employees.

Such are the times we live in.

I believe it’s going to get worse before it gets better – it always does. I’m optimistic that the US will come out of this, but I just hope that we come away from this learning some serious lessons about regulating how banks and investment firms are able to leverage the money they have. It feels like this country is going through some serious growing pains at the moment, and I hope that when the dust has settled we will emerge stronger and more secure.


Wednesday, February 13, 2008

To Make You Think and to Make You Chuckle

But 1st the chuckle....

I dunno if that's photoshopped or what, so please don't go believing it's real cause it very well could be a fake. Nonetheless it made me chuckle. Then it made me wonder why the KKK would endorse a Black man over there own...(that's the thinking part)

**edit** I found this article: Nat'l KKK Reps Comment on Obama Candidacy so don't beleive the hype, KKK ain't left and they are most definitely watching

Then there's this:
Julian Bond calls for DNC to seat the Michigan and Florida Delegates

So Julian is coming to Hillary's aid now that Obama has been on a role. Don't you just love how our old civil rights leaders are just catering to Hillary big time? And here I thought we'd left the plantation. Now you have to ask why it was he wasn't so concerned earlier in the race when it seemed as though Hillary had the game on lock. Also, why would he request that those states be given their delegates when one of the two candidates (not including Edwards of course) didnt even have his name on the ballot because he was following his party's rules? Someone please tell Hillary she is NOT queen and this is an election, not a royal appointment. Shame on her and her supporters for underestimating the power of the American voters and the power of a democratic election.

That said...not all of our elders are kissing Hill's arse completely:
Sharpton calls on DNC to not seat MICHIGAN & FLORIDA Delegates

Kudos to Sharpton for that letter, I think it was honest and raised some very good points. You can't cry foul after the fact, that's just how it is. If Hillary would have beena head right now, we wouldn't be having this conversation, because I doubt that anyone would have spoken up for Obama in the way that Bond is for Hillary and anyone who would have would have been accused of being a whiner/sore loser. Why she decided to go against the reccommendations of her own party I don't know, but it says to me that Hillary is really not above breaking, bending, or ignoring the rules. If she won't even listen to her own political party, why should I believe that she'll listen to the American public? Sounds like someone has been taking notes from our current adminsitration...just my thoughts.

That is all for today...I'm going to continue to gloat in Obama's recent successes.


Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Super Tuesday is Near At Hand

I’ve been following the primaries very closely this year, as I’m sure (or at least hope) that many of my fellow Americans have. I think regardless of the end results, this presidential election will be remembered and talked about for a long time. In case you didn’t know from reading some of my earlier posts waaaaay back when (aka last year) I’m a supporter of Obama. Now, I was a lil hesitant about him at first, but I dug him because I can identify with his desire to be the candidate of change and I think he embodies that more than any of the other candidates making a bid. Now Hillary…well, truthfully I liked Hillary a lot more prior to Bill getting involved with her campaign. The whole ‘sit-on-the-sofa-and-talk-to-me-I’m-a-normal-gal-just-like-you’ bit that she pulled was quite ingenious and I gave her a major hat tip for trying to show her softer side. Then she let the dogs out…Bill…I must say that I’ve lost some…any, major respect for this man as the campaigning progressed and his snide/underhanded comments about Obama were being made. You know, the funny thing is that prior to this campaign being made into a ‘race’ thing, Hillary was doing well in my opinion. Obama wasn’t/isn’t trying to plug himself as the ‘Black Candidate’ and as a matter of fact, that very topic was quite hot when he first announced his bid for the Presidency – recall numerous articles and talks about Obama being ‘Black enough’? Exactly.

But now…it seems the Clinton kids have highlighted issue of race and indeed it seems as though the Black community (or at least I) don’t like how they’ve gone about doing so. They, for a lack of better words, are jerks and aren’t showing any real decorum in terms of campaigning and sticking to the issues. I’ve had enough of this character bashing, I want to hear them debate about their various plans to make this country better. But I doubt that will occur any time soon.

So with today bringing us yet another day closer to Super Tuesday and being the night after the Florida primaries, imagine my surprise when I go to the Washington Post’s website and I see these two stories on the front page:

Giuliani to Exit Presidential Race Today
Following his third place finish in Florida, former New York mayor Rudy Giuliani is expected to drop out of the presidential race today and endorse Sen. John McCain. (read more here)

Edwards to Quit Presidential Race
Democrat John Edwards is exiting the presidential race Wednesday, ending a scrappy underdog bid in which he steered his rivals toward progressive ideals while grappling with family hardship that roused voters' sympathies but never diverted his campaign, The Associated Press has learned. (read more here)

Ladies and Gents…we now have a two delegate race on the Democratic side of the 2008 primaries! Talk about neck and neck! I can only wonder what this will mean for both campaigns…Granted, both the Clinton and Obama camp virtually ignored Edwards and focused moreso on going tit-for-tat with one another, but MAN! What will become of those Edwards supporters? I can’t lie, I dig Edwards a little, and would LOVE to see a Obama/Edwards ticket in the fall…but I guess only time will tell. Super Tuesday is looking more and more interesting as the days go by.

Did you know…
That, if elected, our country will have been ran by the same TWO families for a total of at LEAST 24 years? They could call it the ‘Bush/Clintonian regime’…Honestly, how can anyone say that these past 20 years or so have been particularly great for our country? Now, I’ll give Bill credit for the improvements he helped bring about while in office with the budget and deficit, but when Dubbya got into the White House? To hell with that and with America’s already lackluster world image. I really don’t like the idea of passing control of this country from one ‘elite’ family to the next. Nor do I like the idea of passing leadership of this country to older, more archaic politicians, when what this country needs is a revival in spirit, perception, and attitude. When you talk of change, it’s time for this country to have a leader who can truly lead us into the new millennium and sorry to say it, but I think it’s time the Baby Boomers take a back seat and let their offspring run the country before they run us even further into the ground.

Ok loves, keep your eyes and ears open…this is about to become even more interesting.

Oh, and below I’ve provided some helpful links to get you more information about the Primaries and other voter related topics.

Get Yourself Registered: MTV’s Rock the Vote

Find the Date of Your State’s Primary Vote: Vote-Smart

About the US Electoral College: US Electoral College (wikipedia)

Video Clips from the Candidates: You Choose 08

2008 US Presidential Election (including links to candidates of ALL parties)

Be informed. Be blessed.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

While I'm on the Topic...

a poem i wrote:

7 Ways of Looking at a Politician
after W. Stevens and R. Patterson
1. i saw a snake
slither across the road. it must have
been a politician.

2. late at night, while
Justice slumbers,
I’ve seen politicians
with lives of the

3. even Pontius Pilate
washed his hands of the
for the sake of the
mob. so too do politicians.

4. to have never seen a
nefarious soul
is to have never
met a politician.

5. if you’ve ever made a
shady deal
for the sake of
then you too have become a

6. tea kettles boil over
scream like a
politician’ s
at the height of their
climax during

7. children grow up wishing
to be
change the world. little
do they know…
even the
is a politician.

S. Gray

Been Thinking

1st off...Happy New Year to all of the lovely people out there.

I feel like since I’ve left college, I’ve gotten dumber. Well…not dumber, but it seems as though my mind can be kinda slow when I’m speaking and trying to get the words out. Maybe that’s because I don’t do much talking at work…and when I’m home I don’t do much talking either. I don’t know, but I don’t like it; it’s just a strange thing to notice.

I haven’t posted in awhile because I’ve been caught up in doing other things. I keep painting…and as these things keep accumulating in my apartment, eventually I will have to have a showing and try to sell them, though I love them dearly.

Been exploring new areas of spirituality. I don’t know what will come of it yet, but I’ve become interested in the Buddhist way of living/thinking. I’m all for kindness, love, and thinking of others before yourself. I’ve been reading the book “How to Practice the Way to a Meaningful Life” by His Holiness the Dalai Lama and a lot of the things mentioned in there really resonate with me.

Of course right now the main buzz out there is about the primaries. I want to go into things more, but a) I’m not a political pundit and b) I just don’t feel like it. With that said, here are some brief thoughts on things that have occurred thus far:

  1. congrats to Obama for the Iowa win, I’m sure that gave him and his camp some extra umph.
  2. Hillary on MLK….*shakin my head* you shoulda just kept your mouth shut woman
  3. it sucks that Hillary was on the Tyra show…what Presidential candidate needs to go on the Tyra show just to come across as approachable. Yea I get that she’s trying to reach females, but if she’s not warm and cuddly, she’s just not warm and cuddly. Shouldn’t really effect her ability to be a good president
  4. Bob Johnson – you freaking idiot…you freaking shuckin and jivin’…coonin’ @ss idiot.
  5. Hillary & Bill…get your boy Johnson in check. Shame on the both of yall for not saying something when he was up there showing his arse, and boo to Bob for that whack @ss apology. We all know what you REALLY were saying. We aren’t dumb.
  6. Michelle Obama…I like how you’re sticking by and speaking out for your man. Classy lady that you are. *applause*
  7. Poor Edwards…won’t anyone vote for a white male for president anymore??? Seriously, I kinda like you Edwards, don’t think you’ll get the Presidential bid…but I wouldn’t mind seeing you in the White House as VP.
  8. Feb. 5th…you ready?

In the News

  • So Oprah has her OWN Network …go head O! The woman is an empire all in herself. I’m interested in seeing what she’s going to do with this. Might have to upgrade that cable package to check her out, lol.
  • Marion Jones is gonna do jail time jail time. Damn baby girl, you were my she-ro…at least a lil bit. Sad to see you too are about to do time behind bars. I hate how illegal drug use can ruin an athelete’s career and reputation. Of course all past races she won will now be in question. Damn homie…damn.
  • Britney Spears…the woman needs help and prayer. The media needs to leave her the heck alone so that she can get herself together. On the flipside…I find it kind of ironic that America’s Sweetheart is now in such a dire state. It kind of speaks volumes about American society doesn’t it? It does to me.
  • Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Inc, celebrates 100 years of sisterhood AND gets a new Barbie doll! How cool is that?

Well ladies and germs, that’s it for now. Have a beautifully productive and peaceful (yes the two can coexist) day.

Bless and Bliss