Wednesday, November 05, 2008

November 6th

This was a note that was passed along to response to it will follow.

I can not wait for November 6th. Now there are many reasons for my anticipation for this date but the main reason is that I will be able to sign onto facebook without being flooded by a wave of Pro-Obama rhetoric. I hate logging on and seeing people do stuff just because its popular. Okay I get it, you like Senator Barry Obama and and want to tell the world about it but everyday its the same and so loves Michelle Obama, Joe Joe joined the group Latinos for Obama, Susie Q joins Hockey Moms against Palin, I voted early for Obama and I rock...Really???

Now I'll admit I am a Hillary turned Obama supporter. I gave my support to this man for several reasons...1) McCain voted against making MLK Day a holiday in Arizona 2) I feel that Obama will make a better president for the nation as a whole. I'll be alright in 4 yrs regardless who wins, but I want to know that 19 yrs old single mom will be able to feed her kid. The last reason is because he's Black and I was told that in the NC Primary 98% of the Black folks who voted in NC voted for Obama. So that makes me part of the 2% that didn't and that is very, very sad. So even though I through my support behind Barry O I didn't go get drunk on that Obama kool-aid like the rest of you running around thinking that he can do no wrong and that he is anything but another politician.

I'm just gonna put it out there...Obama is a opportunist that was able to cross the racial divide and do something that has never been done in a political campaign. But that doesn't mean he didn't renege on promises, he hasn't used people and kicked them to the curb, and that he didn't smoke crack. I really hope he wins and that all of these modern day abolitionist can convince their buddies to vote Black, but I'm a little skeptical. Plus how much power does the president really have?

Is he gonna make that boy do his homework so that he can find a job and grow to be a man. Will he put a condom on your dick so that you will stop bringing babies into unstable/unhealthy situations. Will he bridge the racial divide. Will he stop me from writing crazy notes. I don't think so, so I hope on November 6th you take sometime to look and the mirror and ask yourself what you are gonna change, because if we don't change then all it boils down to is the same shit, different toliet.

PS. This note is not targeted to the people who are sincere and their efforts. Shout out to those who are making phone calls, going door to door canvasing and are true and their efforts. Big ups to Ivory, Special K, Angela Di, and Faisal. All you other clowns who are joining groups and putting up new status updates with out any real substance should cute it out.

Don't Vote For Change, Make A Change...This Message Is Coming From A True Maverick


My thing is this...

It isn't the man, but what the man represents that is so monumental. I think the recent economic crisis in conjunction with the wars abroad and the disdain for the Bush Administration magnified the dismal state of the US. It was as though the past 8 years were very dark and dismal, and Barack symbolizes that hope. He in and of himself will not change this nation, but it is the people like you and I who can make things happen.

Conversations like that one make me shake my head. Because, while I hear what they are saying, I wonder if they realize the possibilities. This is a slow nation, and we are a slow...very slow to act people. The fact that Obama and his people managed to get everyone up and energized about voting, got people engaged in politics, and brought politics to us is huge. It hasn't been done before. You have people who never gave a rat's tail about politics now engaged and energized about it.

What is wrong with being energized? Having some hope and being optimistic? Why is it so wrong for once to have some kind of pride? Some kind of nationalism that doesn't involve us oppressing or killing others just to remind ourselves just how great of a nation this is?

I understand progressive thought and admittedly, Obama is not progressive, lol. He never was and I don't expect him to be. What I am hoping, and what folks like those who are inclined to think like those in that email need to do is to channel that excitement and energy into progressive works. Why not take those same folks who are so hyped up about Obama and change and say to them...'hey, well why don't we work on this project or that cause? What can we do to continue this feeling of change?'

I know folks want to look to the past, don't want to have hopes or dreams...and some just cant stand to see others happy. But my thing is, if given the chance to change the world, why not try and run with it? Regardless of who is at the steering wheel and the reasons that folks are energized. The point is that people are energized and we shouldn't let that energy just go to waste or even shrug it off with our cynicism and snobbery.

What are your thoughts?

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