Friday, October 10, 2008

A Wiser Shopper

Happy Friday everyone! I'm looking forward to this three day weekend - how about you? 

I'm especially looking forward to the Columbus Day sales as I'm currently in the hunt for a fall coat. Usually I'm the kinda girl that will wear a favorite item until it falls to pieces...and then try to piece it back together if I really love the item. But alas, I'm getting too old for the unintentional patchwork items, lol, and i'm learning to let go. 

Right now I'm on the hunt for a particular looking coat. Dressy enough, but casual in it's own right...preferably something not black, I'd like to add a little pizzazz to the outwear this season. In my efforts to remain fiscally responsible, but not sacrifice quality for the sake of a bargain, my search has lead me to JC Penney. I've gotta say...JC Penney really delivers when it comes to the quality pieces at decent prices. Check our some of these beauties that have caught my eye...

Double Breasted A-Line Wool Walker ($139)

Worthington® Wool-blend Coat ($159)

Hooded Wool-blend Swing Coat ($129)

Worthington® Belted Wool-blend Walker ($159) [this is my fave!]

With the economy not looking too great it seems like everyone is concerned about how much worse things can get. Money is tight for most of us right now, but unfortunately there are certain purchases that need to be made - like a decent coat for myself so that I won't freeze my butt off waiting for the bus everyday. I've tried to do my best these past couple of months to really cut down on the wasteful spending and get the most out of my money. Seems like I'm shopping less, looking for sales more, buying items that I absolutely need to have, and keeping track of every penny. It helps me be a better steward of the cash I do get, and makes me feel a little more secure in my own financial situation as the stock markets continue to plummet. 

What are some things you're doing to cope in these times of financial hardship?


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