Friday, October 10, 2008

Nothing to Leave Behind

My mother said something to me the other day and it kind of made me sad. We were having one of our normal discussions, and I'd asked her if she had a will. Now, my reasons for this was because I'd been doing a nice bit of reading on planning out one's financial future, and naturally the topic of wills and trusts was discussed in my readings. Wanting to make sure that my most loved of all loved ones was taking care of things, I mentioned it to her casually and of course she had one. I began to share a lil bit more about the things I was reading, about revocable trusts and how that might help to keep a deceased person's property from going into probate (meaning, to the court where the intheriters have to pay a fee on whatever it is they're supposed to inherit), when she interrupted me saying.."I don't have anything"

So simple a statement. So honest. And it just hit me and hurt. Not because it meant I wouldn't inherit anything, but because here is a woman who worked hard all her life, very smart, very kind, and very dedicated to her family, especially her children, but it was just a jolt to realize that someone so deserving of having something of her own, did not. She has a legacy all her own, whether or not she knows it, my mom has made a huge impression upon me. I am a better person, a better woman, for having her as a mother. I literally owe her my life. 

But I digres...Planning ahead, thinking about longevity, is admittedly not high up on the priority list for a lot of working class families. When your kids need clothes or food to eat today, it is very hard to think about how to prepare for their tomorrow. I know wealth and money mean very little in the grand scheme of life. The lack of or the abundance of money says nothing about a person's character nor their integrity...Yet we still pursue making as much money as we can for whatever reason that drives us. It can be of use to us when we might need to make a purchase or pay for a necessary service...and though the economy seems bad now, it can help us to plan for a retirement from the workforce that won't leave us completely destitute. I mean, social security can only do but so much. 

i love my mom, and she's taught me a lot. that night more than any other before it, the importance of thinking ahead, of saving for one's future hit home - and hard. 


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