Monday, October 20, 2008

The Busy Bee Must Still Look Fabulous

I have been beyond busy lately…between work, my design gig, trying to paint again, thinking about my future/grad school…um yea, busy. Quite. And admittedly, a little down. But you know how we cure that?


Ok, I like to dress well, so sue me. But I DON’T like spending a ton of $$ while doing so. So this busy lil bee has recently purchased some lovely goodies that are sure to make any drearily chilly day seem to shine and sparkle all on it’s own.


*ignore the box of clothing...i need to take them to Goodwill

Now I’m rather wary of the sheath dresses…I love them on others, but I know I’ve got hips and thighs that are MIGHTY MIGHTY, lol. But I took a chance and ordered it online from Old Navy and lo and behold…it worked out ok! A tip to anyone buying a sheath dress without trying it on first…order it in a size larger than what you normally wear, just to account for the way the garment fits.

Gray seems to be the color of the season, but I’ve noticed within the past week I’ve been doing quite a nice amount of black and gray…I mean that’s great, but I’m all about colors now. So I decided to lively it up a bit with this season’s other hot color, and a growing fave of mine…Purple. I thought the button down shirt underneath was a nice touch (the shirt was also courtesy of Old Navy) in addition to the plum colored tights (for $5! thanks Avenue!). The boots…oh how I love ankle boots. Why? Because I have calves that could kill and most calf boots don’t fit, but an ankle boot…why that is the fun of the boot without the agony of suffocating my legs, lol.

All in all I think it was a nice look…sadly I forgot to take a picture of the purse, but it too was fierce as it was a kind of color block in several shades of purple. You’ll just have to take my word on that one.

All in all…I think the entire outfit (shoes too) cost under $100 (not including the pearl necklace – that was a gift from Daddy :D) And who says you can’t be fabulous…WHILE on a budget AND trying to save the world? Pfft, it is most certainly possible!


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Ms. LMC said...

I love it!!! So you know what I'm going to ask you right?