Wednesday, October 22, 2008

It’s the small things…

Well loves, I liked that post the other day so much I decided to write another one about my forays into the fashion realm.

So today, I felt like channeling the masculine. For ages women have been putting our own personal touch on otherwise masculine pieces of clothing and I’ve always admired it. There’s just something classy and tough about a nicely pulled together outfit with some masculine touches. You get the best of both worlds really.


*again...that pile of, forgive me y'all

Now, let me just say….I LOVE my shoes…those shoes…have you ever gone shopping and seen something that just SCREAMS out to you? Well that’s what those shoes did for me. I’m telling you, they were just sitting on the shelf WAITING for me to walk by. We were meant to be. Oh and you see the trouser socks? I know you love the trouser socks…because I surely do!

For today’s color scheme, we left it a little subdued with the black and gray, but that blue top is so electric that it provides a nice contrast to the winter tones and really makes the outfit pop I think. I’m usually not one to wear a lot of blue, but lately I’ve had this thing for bright, vibrant, fun blues. Naturally when I saw this shirt online ( I knew that it needed to make a home in my closet.

I might be a bit of an impulse buyer, but at least I’m a fierce, albeit economically thrifty one. ;)

Then there’s the tie…oh how I love ties on women – it’s so bad ass. This tie I’ve had for quite awhile now; it was my first, a simple black tie. I’d love to expand and really get into some more colorful ties, but I find that – as much as I love to wear ties – I just haven’t been including that look into my styles lately. But every now and then…. :D

So now the run down…

*More Colors Available*" type="hidden">Bedford Cord Shirt in Caribbean ($16.88) -

Trouser Socks ($2.99 for a pack of 3) - AJ Wright

Shoes ($16) - Ross

Tie ($10)

Gray Sweater Vest ($15) - Old Navy

Perfect Fit Pants ($20) - Ashley Stewart

Total Cost of Outfit: $80.87

Though the economy is suffering right now, your wardrobe doesn’t have to. ;)



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Arielle said...

I like your outfit..! I will certainly visit to get that shirt.