Thursday, January 17, 2008

Been Thinking

1st off...Happy New Year to all of the lovely people out there.

I feel like since I’ve left college, I’ve gotten dumber. Well…not dumber, but it seems as though my mind can be kinda slow when I’m speaking and trying to get the words out. Maybe that’s because I don’t do much talking at work…and when I’m home I don’t do much talking either. I don’t know, but I don’t like it; it’s just a strange thing to notice.

I haven’t posted in awhile because I’ve been caught up in doing other things. I keep painting…and as these things keep accumulating in my apartment, eventually I will have to have a showing and try to sell them, though I love them dearly.

Been exploring new areas of spirituality. I don’t know what will come of it yet, but I’ve become interested in the Buddhist way of living/thinking. I’m all for kindness, love, and thinking of others before yourself. I’ve been reading the book “How to Practice the Way to a Meaningful Life” by His Holiness the Dalai Lama and a lot of the things mentioned in there really resonate with me.

Of course right now the main buzz out there is about the primaries. I want to go into things more, but a) I’m not a political pundit and b) I just don’t feel like it. With that said, here are some brief thoughts on things that have occurred thus far:

  1. congrats to Obama for the Iowa win, I’m sure that gave him and his camp some extra umph.
  2. Hillary on MLK….*shakin my head* you shoulda just kept your mouth shut woman
  3. it sucks that Hillary was on the Tyra show…what Presidential candidate needs to go on the Tyra show just to come across as approachable. Yea I get that she’s trying to reach females, but if she’s not warm and cuddly, she’s just not warm and cuddly. Shouldn’t really effect her ability to be a good president
  4. Bob Johnson – you freaking idiot…you freaking shuckin and jivin’…coonin’ @ss idiot.
  5. Hillary & Bill…get your boy Johnson in check. Shame on the both of yall for not saying something when he was up there showing his arse, and boo to Bob for that whack @ss apology. We all know what you REALLY were saying. We aren’t dumb.
  6. Michelle Obama…I like how you’re sticking by and speaking out for your man. Classy lady that you are. *applause*
  7. Poor Edwards…won’t anyone vote for a white male for president anymore??? Seriously, I kinda like you Edwards, don’t think you’ll get the Presidential bid…but I wouldn’t mind seeing you in the White House as VP.
  8. Feb. 5th…you ready?

In the News

  • So Oprah has her OWN Network …go head O! The woman is an empire all in herself. I’m interested in seeing what she’s going to do with this. Might have to upgrade that cable package to check her out, lol.
  • Marion Jones is gonna do jail time jail time. Damn baby girl, you were my she-ro…at least a lil bit. Sad to see you too are about to do time behind bars. I hate how illegal drug use can ruin an athelete’s career and reputation. Of course all past races she won will now be in question. Damn homie…damn.
  • Britney Spears…the woman needs help and prayer. The media needs to leave her the heck alone so that she can get herself together. On the flipside…I find it kind of ironic that America’s Sweetheart is now in such a dire state. It kind of speaks volumes about American society doesn’t it? It does to me.
  • Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Inc, celebrates 100 years of sisterhood AND gets a new Barbie doll! How cool is that?

Well ladies and germs, that’s it for now. Have a beautifully productive and peaceful (yes the two can coexist) day.

Bless and Bliss

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