Tuesday, December 18, 2007

A Poem & A Question

But first the poem:

Preface: the following poem is loosely based on the mythological tale of Hippolyte (queen of the Amazons) and Herakles aka Hercules who, after sent on a quest to take her belt, fell in love with her. Hera then sent false word to the Amazons saying that Herakles was there to kill their queen and so they attacked. Herakles killed many Amazons in that battle, including Hippolyte.

Hippolyte Reincarnate
a Modern Day Tragedy

born and raised as an Amazon
in the harsh reality of a fatherless
home, she was taught the value of
self and to look out for
self and to distrust those of the

with a determination unbreakable,
she strode through life breaking
hearts and taking charge
vowing to never fall prey
to those of the

sepia skinned, almond eyed, and
with hair like lamb's wool, she stood tall
embracing her heritage
reveling in the untold power
that lay in her

she was queen
of all Amazons

until the day in which she saw the sun
rise in the eyes of a lad...the strongest of men
a demi-god and a legend, on a quest
to steal the queen's heart he won her hand and

powerless under his gaze
she fell and with her the hopes of her clan
as she bore
babe...all in the sake of his...name
for the sake of his...love
and when her hero took flight with his treasure,
her strength shattered
the fallen heroine slowly...died inside
and piece...by piece...by piece...
her once fortified soul faded and the dreams
she once held dear became no more than a



and now the question...what are your thoughts on this poem? how does it make you feel as a man or a woman?

normally i dont ask others specific questions about my work save, 'what do you think' but i got an interesting response today in which someone called the poem sexist propaganda. which struck me as odd and kinda funny given the fact that that wasnt my intention in writing the piece. but enough from me, im waiting to hear from you.


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