Tuesday, July 10, 2007

For the Fellas...

A real woman knows how to be a woman. She knows how to handle her business, whether that be in the bedroom, on the street, or doing her thing in the office. She does not, repeat, does NOT need a man to tell her what he ‘thinks’ she ought to be, how she ought to look, how she ought to speak. We’re people, not pets – sorry fellas. I’m just mystified by the amount of men…correction, boys playing dress-up, who either don’t know how to respect a woman or just care not to.

We don’t want to be whispered at on the street. Grabbing at my hand, arm, ass even, to get my attention is NOT going to get you any play – we are not your playthings, and our worth far exceeds what’s between our thighs. We don’t want to hear your weak @ss lines, you have NO game – why is it that people even look at it as being game in the first place? I don’t care how much you might have in the bank or what you drive – real women aren’t gold-diggers, we can take care of our damn selves and THENsome.

If you want to get a good woman in your life, you need to learn to respect us. We are the way through which human life is created, can we get a little appreciation? Talk to us and treat us like we’re people, not objects. Don’t assume that we’re all out to ‘tie you down’ or ‘take you money’ or any of those foolish things.
Yea, this might sound a little angry, but sometimes a woman gets tired of hearing men complain about what a woman ought to be when next to nothing is said about what he NEEDS to be. So, instead trying to get us to step our game up, how about some of y’all grow up.



mamadee said...

To respond to you comment.......First I think some women are a little too hard on brothas these days....Remember we are growing up in a time when a lot of black guys didnt have strong black male figures in their lives to show them how to treat and respect a woman.... Secondly sometimes for me its nice when a guy whispers something to me or tries to get my attention....I may not want to give him any play but that lets me know that somebody notices me..Now if a man is just plain rude thats a whole different issue......And lastly you have to remember people are a product of their environment...A lot of women these days are still looking for someone to take care of them and want that guy with all the money and fancy cars so some guys think thats what they have to do to make a woman happy....just giving my opinion.....PEACE!!

CongoBrava said...

I agree that some women are too hard on men in that their demands are quite ridiculous. I even agree that some women (read: girls) want a man to take care of their every whim and need and are turned on by the flashy stuff. What I’m saying is that I’m tired of boys who call themselves men trying to dictate how a woman should behave. It’s as if those characters feel like they’re God’s gift to women and are here to grace us with their infinite wisdom.

Yea, you have a point about the lack of positive male role models, but surely their mothers and sisters could have shown them better. Or better yet, they wouldn’t want another dude treating the women in their lives in such a deplorable fashion, so what gives them the right to treat any other woman that way? That in itself could be another conversation.

And I’m sure there are some women who like being whispered or “psst’d” at, but I grew out of that years ago, and I’m not talking about the respectful male approaches here. My gripe is with, once again, the boys who call themselves men; they are the ones I have the real issue with. Of course it’s nice to be noticed, but sometimes a simple ‘Hello’ or ‘You’re beautiful’ or even a nice smile will suffice – there’s a way to show respect while still getting someone’s attention.

I’m just saying that I, for one, just needed to vent and get that off my chest because I’ve been seeing it a lot lately and I don’t understand what makes a man think he has the right to objectify a woman. Just because the last couple of chicks he ran into might fall for that mess, doesn’t mean that all of us will. Just like not all men are the same, not all women are the same. All a sista wants is a little respect to be shown to the sistren out there. I don’t think that’s too much to ask at all.

wil said...

amen. to both your blog & your reply. keep writing ...we're listening.