Friday, February 16, 2007

Blackness Under Review...

So it seems as though a lot of prominent Black politicians and Businessmen/women are throwing their support towards Hillary Clinton's bid for president. The rationale behind this move seems to be, of all things, racially motivated - it seems as though the Black community is calling Barak's 'Black Card' into question. Is Barak Black enough? Is he really 'down' for the people and for the cause? Questions that are on the minds of many African Americans today...well apparently the answer is a resounding NO.

As I watched Good Morning America's coverage of this story, I could do was shake my head in disbelief. It seems as though we (African Americans) don't even believe that the country is ready for a Black president...not only that, but it seems that we're only willing to elect a president that is deemed 'Black' enough. What does that day about us? In my opinion, it seems as though we have fed into this self hate and refuse to support one of our own simply because he isn't signing Black Power from the mountaintops. I may have my own questions about Barak, but they are based upon his potential to be a competent president (and I believe that he would, and would fare rather well). Where do we get off questioning the man's loyalty to the race, when we as Black folks are not loyal to ourselves either? Tell me, and tell me true...when was the last time you helped a brother/sister out who was homeless on the streets? When was the last time you supported a Black owned business? Are you still shucking and jiving on that 9-5 just to make that 'almighty' dollar? Have you fed into society's European standard of beauty? Do you REALLY believe Black is beautiful? I'm just throwing all of this out there because, to me it seems as though we want one thing while living the life of another.

There is more to being the President of the United States of America than one's race. I would rather give Barak a chance and see what he can do for this country AND for the Black community, but I think it highly unrealistic and very unfair to put the expectation of saving the Black race upon him as a presidential candidate. We have some very deep-seeded issues within our community that no one man can fix (save Jesus, but we won't go there right now). I think it speaks volumes about how we fail to support our own when we would rather support a white woman (no offense to Hillary and her supporters) than one of our own.

Of course my arguments may sound very racial in tone, but although I do support Barak, it isn't just because he is African American, it's because to me he symbolizes new, fresh ideas. After suffering under the Bush Dictatorship, I think it's time this country look towards changing things up. It's time for someone who has some youth, vivality, and fresh ideas to take the reigns and lead this country in a new direction. I think that Barak's 'youth' and relative 'newness' to the realm that is politics may bode well for him, in that he has no reputation to lose...he has no real alliances to uphold, and as such isn't as tainted as some politicians who have been in the game for awhile.

But I true disgust lays with my own people who, at this point in the game, would rather neglect our own because we don't think he's for us enough. So we would much rather elect a candidate that has very little ties to the community? And don't even mention Mr. Clinton...I thought the man was a great president and managed to do some very great thigns for this country while he was in office, but Bill Clinton is NOT, I repeat is NOT Black - so people can we stop likening to us? Where is our sense of pride? Have we become content to look upon ourselves as the modern-day Sambos? What are we doing?

All I'm trying to say is...before you shun the man and question his Blackness...look beyond that and look at the man, look at what he might be able to do for the country and for our people. The house n!gger mentality has got to's time for a new direction in this country and we as a people need to learn to support one another.

Check this link to a Washington Post story: Black Like Me?

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