Friday, February 23, 2007

Fitness Fiend

Well, since my last post I've been a lil jogging fool, lol. I ended up going to boot camp every night this week (Mon, Tues, Wed, Thurs), and I'll be going again on Sat. While at boot camp for the past couple of nights I've managed to jog almost the entire distance we have to cover at the beginning of class (approx. .66 mi). I'd only walk/stop when it was time for me to cross the streets, but I'm doing it! I realize that I'm not SO terrible at it, lol. It's just a matter of pace, as my on friend said. If I try to crank it out and run, well then no I won't make it that far...but slow down that pace, and I can go a lot farther. I'm going to keep at it, and I know I'll continue to improve - the fact that I can jog at all is a miracle *smile*

The only downside right now is that since the weather seems to be changing, my right ankle (which I've sprained about 5 times) is becomming a little sensitive. I've had it wrapped up for the past couple of days now, and I still jog/workout (obviously), but last night during a workout it was really sensitive and started to hurt. :( It's better today I'm contemplating getting on the treadmill to jog a bit after work today. Then again I don't want to push it too we shall see.

Wow...could it be that yours truly is actually getting in shape?!?! WHAT?!?! lol, It's a great feeling though, it brings a ton of confidence and self assurace because you know that you are taking care of your body - lovely. It's like I feel I can do anything - nothing is impossible...that's a great feeling. What a difference a little effort make in our lives, huh?

Also, I've noticed I've been eating a lot more often. Yesterday I was hungry like every couple of hours - it was crazy. Granted, a friend of mine pointed out that it's just my metabolism pciking up speed, but sheesh. Eating so often...that's crazy, lol. At least now that I know what the deal is I'm able to make sure I'm eating the right things. I can't be hungry every 3 hours but eating junk...oh no...So yesterday I had a ceasar side salad with some honey mustard dressing from AU Bon Pain...maaaaaaaaaaaan when I tell you that was the BEST thing I ever had in my life!!! lol, It's crazy cause I'm not a salad girl, lol but when you're hungry and on a mission to do right you'd be surprised. I know I was :)

Overall...I'm felling good. Tired? Yes. Sore? Sometimes. But definitely feeling good and loving it even when it get hard.

Be Blessed!

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