Monday, June 18, 2007

Shuckin' & Jivin'...Uh...I Meant Leanin & Rockin'

Along with the popular Three Six Mafia show "Adventures In HollyHood" and the
curbside game show "Hood Fab," MTV Networks offers another take on Hood TV with "Dances From the Hood." (

Because we all know how America loves another Minstrel Show. So um...when is the majority of Black America gonna wake up and realize the absurdity of something like this? Who needs white people in blackface when you can have Black folks in blackface?? It's the ultimate irony of ironies, is it not? Only...I don't know that these folks realize...or even care...that this is what they're doing.

For some reason I have the sudden urge to go watch "Bamboozled" again...anyone wit me?

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