Friday, June 08, 2007


How am I feeling today? Well truthfully I awoke feeling a tad bit sluggish, but I recovered thanks to a good cup of Chai at work. All is quiet in the office today, so all in all I must say that I've done about 10-15 minutes of actual work today. Hey - it's Friday. :)

I'm looking forward to getting home soon and doing a lot of nothing for the rest of the evening. Consider it Lady's Choice; I might do some reading, tv watching, phone conversation, I said - Lady's Choice.

As I look around my desk I feel a lil bad since I really did VERY little work today, but you know what? Screw it - it's Friday. All in all this was a good week personally...I hope you all are able to say the same.

I'm feelin a lil generous today, so here's a poem:

the squared roots of 3Fifths
you don’t know we

of all flavors, shapes, and different packaging
are we but

you don’t know we

cause to you we’re only the collective
one ugly brown spot on your
pristine white distortion of history

you don’t know wewe’re the spawn of Ellison’s
invisible man and your gaze pierces
air as you stare right through us
focused on the animalized
sexualized and
primitive labels you slapped on us over the years as we built up
the country you claim as your own

you don’t know we

in your maladjusted eyes we all look the same
at first glance, which is all you can spare
as a second might reveal the fool
in you as you continually strive to put every
thing about we from external to innermost
into a file of categorized nonsense
stored in the core of your cranium because

you don’t know we

and we’re too
complex to digest
if we ain’t abstract so you
subtract parts from our whole to put
we in a box — rewind that
we in a box…
my people can’t you see we’re
in a box
conveniently filtered we’re like grinds
left behind in morning’s brew
we’ve been simplified, misrepresented, and
generalized by all mankind in hopes that we’d bend and
blend into this unnaturally homogenous
mix of manwomanchild to be force fed to kin
from generation to generation we’ve remained
the bastards of this nation cause not only do
they not know we

we don’t know we


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La Sirena said...

I like your poem. It has a good sense of internal rhythm and the words pull you along the beat. (I read it the first time just for the music of it.) Good theme, too. I think the world needs more Ralph Ellison references.

Found you in the comments section of TBM's blog.