Monday, June 18, 2007

Um...Black Power?

So yea…I’m checking my myspace account and I get a friend request from this guy. So I go to the page and voila:

Take it all in…so I’m lookin at the page, and of course I had to share the absurdity of it all with you, my lovely readers. Out of natural curiosity I take a look at some of his blog entries…

and I become a lil more disturbed. I guess this is some kind of BDSM thing?? Seems like the poor chap gets off on have a dominant Black woman tell him what to do, how to do it, and when.

Now…my questions of course are…
1. WHY is he in my extended network??
2. WHY did the man try to "friend" me? Was it the picture of me in the head wrap and the shades that did it? I was goin for neo-soul, not Black Militant Dominatrix Queen of All Whimpy White Men….WTF?! CLEARLY that’s my OTHER myspace page (I bet you clicked on the link, didn’t you!).
3. Is there something about me that’s particularly domineering?...scratch that, I know myself well enough to know the answer to that is a definitive and rather emphatic YES…but whatever, lol.
4. [childish whine] WHY does he have more friends than meeeeeee?!?!? [/childish whine]

So um…yea, random funny things that happen to me. Woot.

p.s. did I mention that our Black Power lovin friend Tony is a hair dresser? I wonder if I could order him to re-color my roots are lookin mighty black again...meh he might like that too much tho...

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mamadee said...

lol.........I'd make him my slave if he was cute enough......lmao